Join us on International Translation Day and share your work!

International Translation Day is the day for us language professionals to celebrate our profession. However, in order to be recognized outside of the “translator bubble”, we’ll have to make some noise: This year’s ITD, we’ll step into the spotlight and let the world know about our work! The objective is to have the hashtag #iconnectworlds break into Twitter’s Trend list and to get as much attention as possible – online as well as offline.

We need your passion and your creativity!

Join us – make a speech bubble, take a selfie with it and share it on all your social media accounts on September 30, 2016.

How to participate:

#ICONNECTWORLDS – Show your expertise!

  1. Think of some hard facts that show how much you’ve accomplished as a language professional
  2. Write these facts or your specialization on a speech bubble and take a selfie with it
  3. On September 30, 2016, share it through all your social media channels with the hashtag #iconnectworlds

If you don’t use Facebook, Twitter & Co., you can also send your selfie to and we’ll share your picture for you.

Please find tutorials and further information on


The hashtag #iconnectworlds is inspired by this year’s official theme for the International Translation Day “CONNECTING WORLDS”, as announced by FIT – the International Federation of Translators.

Last, but not least: Dont’t forget to tell your colleagues about #iconnectworlds and ask them to join!


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